Evgeny, 30, Anapa

October 27, 2017 8:21 pm
Evgeny, 30, Anapa
October 27, 2017

I would like to share my story and impressions of my trip to this wonderful country, New Zealand.

There are several English-speaking countries with amazing natural scenery, beautiful cities and high standards of living, but my choice settled on NZ for a reason. For me, as a civil engineer, an important factor was the level of education in New Zealand’s English language schools and Technical Universities and the opportunity to get a highly paid job in my profession. In addition, my younger sister came to New Zealand six years ago through the New Zealand –Russia Education Company and its Director irina Gray, to study in High School. With her good experience of the company’s services, both my sister and my parents strongly recommended that I use the same company, with its good reputation, the respect it has earned and its wide immigration and education experience. Irina Gray could not have better organised my sister’s education and accommodation in an unfamiliar country (she was quite young on arrival in NZ), which gave her a sound start and preparation for adulthood, and we are very grateful to Mrs Gray for her outstanding care and suppport.

To achieve my goals, I had to create a specific plan to emigrate to another country, taking into account my level of English, my profession and my work experience. With all these related issues, I turned to an already proven company, Gray Immigration Education, and was given all the details I needed by Irina and Evan Gray. I immediately realized that Mrs Gray is a responsible, communicative, competent person in her profession. It took about a month of correspondence and hourly Skype conversations with her, before I finally decided to study at the Worldwide School of English in Auckland, sit an IELTS exam and then finish with a year-long Masters Degree in Construction Management at Auckland University of Technology.

Thanks to the organisation and hard work of Irina and Evan Gray, obtaining a student visa to NZ took less than two weeks, which was my first success. The first months of schooling, staying at the hostel recommended by Mrs Gray with people from different countries, including Canada, England, Germany and America, gave me a lot of positive emotions. Everything was chosen well for me by the company: for immersion in the English language environment, in a comfortable living atmosphere and in a convenient location near Auckland city centre.

I think that when the question is about choosing an organisation to process documents for studying abroad and the visa process to New Zealand, the most important issue is the match between what is promised and what actually happens. In my case, I can say with certainty that Gray Immigration Education’s performance was perfect.