Gray Immigration Education (GIE) is a licensed adviser on New Zealand Immigration and Education

Our goal is to help people to successfully visit, study, work or live in New Zealand. We provide honest, sound, practical immigration advice and can help clients to obtain any type of visa. We also provide advice on the best educational pathways, where needed. We are based in Auckland and assist clients wherever they live in the world

Coming to New Zealand is not always easy. You can make a lot of mistakes which will be difficult to correct later. You need advice and guidance from a professional and experienced company

Your success is our ambition


Our company offers clients two basic services:


We provide immigration advice to those wishing to come to New Zealand to visit, study, work or live. Director Evan Gray is a Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser who can advise on any New Zealand Immigration matter



We provide advice on New Zealand educational institutions and pathways to those wishing to study in NZ