Immigration and Education Advice

If you contact us for help we will discuss your case with you (in person, or by phone, Skype, etc), before inviting you to pay our initial consultation fee.

Following payment of this fee we will continue our discussions with you to allow us to assess your situation. We will then advise you in writing of our assessment of your case, and the basic fees we will charge you should you wish to work with us. Our basic fees cover cases where there are no complications, and vary according to the type of visa. Every case is unique and many cases need more time and resources than simple ones, so extra fees may be necessary. We will give you a complete list of extra fees so that you know what costs you will need to budget for. Should you wish to engage us for your immigration matter we will forward our Written Agreement (contract) to you for you to check through, sign and return to us.

Contact: Evan Gray
Mobile : +64 21 298 3068