Daniel, 29, Moscow

October 27, 2017 8:20 pm
Daniel, 29, Moscow
October 27, 2017

My acquaintance and cooperation with Irina Gray began in 2012, when I first decided to come to New Zealand to study and in search of information about visas and educational institutions in this country, came across the web site Gray Immigration Education. After the first time we spoke on skype any doubts as to the correctness of my choice were gone, with her clear answers and lots of useful information. As it turned out later – I was not mistaken. Thanks to the help of Irina and her husband Evan Gray, I got a student visa without any problems and in March 2013 I came to New Zealand. After two and a half months of study at the language school, I passed Academic IELTS and entered Auckland University of Technology for a Graduate Diploma in Business in the Faculty of Business and Law. After its successful completion, I returned to Moscow, to continue to work in my profession as a lawyer.

However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Over time, I began to realize that work was ceasing to bring me the same pleasure. I was no longer confident that I wanted to do the same thing in 5-10 years. There was a strong desire in me to try something new. In addition, I won’t hide it, an important factor was the growing desire to leave Russia. New Zealand attracts me with its beautiful (and affordable – unlike in Russia) nature, benevolent people, almost complete lack of aggression and rudeness. In addition, New Zealanders attach great importance to a healthy lifestyle and sport – and this is the sphere in which I plan to work further.

Later, my decision to change my profession was final. The question of who to apply to for help in obtaining a visa and searching for an institute in NZ (after all, it would be necessary to re-learn from scratch) did not arise: naturally – to Irina and Evan. At that time they had just come to Moscow on business: we met and discussed everything. They were surprised, but they supported me and assured me that my plan did not look unrealistic. It was important to me, because, to be honest, there was a fear that such a drastic career change at almost 30 could cause valid questions from the University and from Immigration New Zealand. Right now I am preparing the documents for my visa application. Thanks to Irina and Evan, I had already received a conditional offer from the chosen University. My dream was gradually taking on a concrete form. I want to assure everyone who plans to go to study and live in New Zealand: trusting Irina and Evan Gray, you will not lose. You will receive qualified, high-quality and fast assistance, reliable information and answers to all your questions, with great support and a positive attitude.

In conclusion, I want to recommend those who decide to contact Gray Immigration Education: be honest and say it as it is. Do not try to cheat or hide something. An educational and / or immigration consultant (like a lawyer) is your ally, not an enemy. The more honestly and completely you present all the information, the easier it will be for Irina and Evan to help you. And they will do a high-quality job, you can be sure!